New Work & New Events

I’ve been working hard in the studio this year on new work to sell at direct retail events.

The new work combines bold, shiney colour pops with hand drawn lines on a contrasting unglazed, matte surface. I have really enjoyed selecting colours and photographing them in the summer garden and the studio, here’s a peek of my Little wonkies and two of the larger vases.


The work certainly had a good reception at Pots in the Pens. It was my first time at the event, despite it being just down the road. I had the best weekend surrounded by beautiful work and great conversations.

Through Potfest, i also got the opportunity to take part in UPFRONT Gallery’s Cumbrian Ceramics exhibition which is on until 11th Nov 2018, pop by if you get a chance!

Here’s my work displayed next, my neighbor the wonderfully Talented Hilary Harrison. It also lovely to see the work of other graduates from my uni course, Amanda Mercer, Julie Asquith Coghlan and Kim Hodgeson. 

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