A long overdue rebrand

Its been a long time coming but I’ve been working on getting my packaging simplified and a new logo designed. After wrestling with it all myself for for too long, I decided enough was enough, so took the plunge and payed someone else to do it! I could not be happier with the results, the new logo is clean, bold and will work across all my collections, Sarah from SilvaHalo, did such a great job of taking my ramblings and creating the perfect logo for me.

c-a-markThis logo works within my name, like my main banner or as a my initials like here. Simple and flexible, genius! This has been such an important lesson for me. I’ve spent years building my business, working hard to make it grow and to keep moving forwards. this branding was something I was really struggling with, outsourcing meant I could still focus on this without all the stress.

The new branding was set up for the first time at British Craft Trade Fair in Harrogate earlier this month. It took a lot longer to set up than normal, and just working out what I wanted to do was tricky, but now its been done, its just a case of making a few adjustments each time I set up. It was worth all the hard work though, the new packaging, branding and furniture worked really well together, and I got lots of very positive feedback about the new look.

I’ll sign off now, as there are lots of orders to be worked on, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @catrionaarchibaldcrafts for more regular posts and updates

c x

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